Dinosaur Comics creator Ryan North doesn't need my money at this point—his Kickstarter blew past its goal in a single day—but I'm going to give it to him anyway, because his illustrated, Choose Your Own Adventure version of Hamlet looks amazing and I want to own a copy:

This makes me wish I were a high school teacher—I like the emphasis on understanding character motivations, as North's book lets you either follow the choices Shakespeare's characters actually make, or find your own way through a densely populated Elsinore. Plus, the structure is intriguing; North says in the video that "one of the advantages of first person choosable path books being mainly written for children is that when you buckle down and write one for adults, you discover some amazing things no one's ever done before."

I am currently weighing my desire for the $60 hardback/poster package against my need to buy Christmas presents for my family. Go look.