Old school Portland keeper of the weirdness and archivist of obscure film gems, Dennis Nyback is hosting a one-night-only screening of "Ooh La La: A History of Lingerie" on December 8 at the Faux Museum. A program of both silent and "soundie" naughty shorts dating as far back as 1910, up through the early '50s. Clips include John Barrymore's then-wife Elaine Barrie changing into a nightie for 1937's "How to Undress in Front of Your Husband," a 1950 clip containing "tips for what men want women to wear" attributed to Ed Wood, and the 1942 rockabilly piece "Texas Strip," that inspired Devo's "Whip It."

  • Dennis Nyback

When Nyback breaks out his collection you know you're in for a mix of education, entertainment, and awkwardness (old timey sensibilities can make you squirm like nothing else)—not bad for a single evening.