Black Friday/Saturday is over, but holiday promotions and sales events are only going to come more furiously over the coming month (example: today is Cyber Monday, which means your favorite web store is probably having some sort of sale). You can ignore 'em as annoyingly aggressive attempts to separate you from your hot toddy allowance, or you can use them as convenient, festive ways to celebrate your gift-giving generosity in ways that support your local industry—one in whose producers rarely perish in sweatshop fires.

Over on MOD we're faithfully posting as many of these sales pop-ups, and fairs as we can, so check in and pick your poison, like this weekend's Da Vinci Arts Middle School Holiday Arts Fair, which features over 70 local vendors, directly benefits arts education, and features the raffling off of "PDX Mona" by Hadley Hutton here, complete with nose piercing, geek-chic glasses and a bird on it. Cringe inducing, but think of the children.