WikiLeaker on Trial: Wikileaks document-supplier Bradley Manning could speak publicly for the first time since 2010 at his trial this week.

France Would Back a Palestinian State, if the UN actually votes on the question.

Living With a Robot Arm: Despite expensive and technologically advanced prosthetics, it's far from easy for veterans to adjust to life without a limb.

Kim Jong-un: Sexiest Man Alive. China's daily Communist Party newspaper fell for an Onion headline about the "Pyongyang-bred heartthrob" being the sexiest man alive.

Hello, Congresswoman: New Hampshire elected the first all-female congressional delegation. They're ready to get some shit done.

CIA Drug Dealers: The sons of a scientist who the CIA dosed with LSD 60 years ago are suing the agency for his death.

Sad Times: A third person accusing Elmo performer Kevin Clash of sexual abuse has emerged.

The Facemaster: Two consumer watchdog groups have been hammering on Facebook over its privacy changes.

Ack! A Hungarian right-winger wants the country to do a survey of all the nation's Jewish people who "pose a national security risk."

Don't Lose Your Cell Phone in New York: The police are amassing a giant collection of call records from phones reported stolen.

Learning About Urban Design... from Wreck-It Ralph!

Hooray for Pie! Portlanders donate $3,200 to a pie food cart owner whose Thanksgiving earnings were stolen.