How to Make Chili Cheese Nacho Dip (While Destroying Your Soul)


This is like a David Lynch movie. Just needs some crazy jazz music.
This makes me want to stick my head in an oven (not necessarily microwave).
I like to imagine this as an avant garde performance piece on the inevitable descent from spendthrift collegiate life to elderly bachelorhood vis-à-vis our mass-produced, throwaway consumer culture, a bleak glimpse into the distant future of the target viewer. Or maybe just a weird old guy teaching kids how to cook shit in the microwave, I don't know.
This is so sad, I cannot even make fun of it.
It's like a hostage tape.
"and i'm Steven Reed, and i wonder if you can see my penis in the camera"
We all do it; i wonder what he's thinking when he counts down the microwave from 3- 2- 1 beep.. so GROSS, his breathing is so gross! lmao
i have the same microwave as this guy.. that bitch is going on ebay tomorrow! lmao
video removed :(