Michele Wylen, Tre Redeau, and crew have a video for their great new club banger, "Holla If U Wanna." Shot during what looks like those long days of Portland summer (remember those?), the video—which also features Evie Graham, Stephanie Young, Erika Bianca, Latya Caples—sees the team dancing off at different locations in the city, with some solid moves and terrific clothes. Over a thick, roiling rumble of bass drum, "Shaft"-esque hi-hat, and an instantly unforgettable hook, the track sounds enormous, and the video is beautifully shot.

"Holla If U Wanna" comes off Michele Wylen's new album Welcome to Human Nature, and Wylen performs at the album release show on Saturday, December 15 at the Someday Lounge. The dancers will be there, too, so this is gonna be a full on party.

We now return to your regular posts about bearded indie-folk bands who look like candle-makers from the 1870s.