I'm not sure where the line is, exactly, but while I usually feel okay posting trailers, the idea of posting a piece of viral marketing makes me feel like a soulless shill. Hypocritical? Maybe! (Or maybe it's that trailers are straightforward, shameless ads, while viral stuff feels deliberately sneaky in a way that makes it seem desperate and overly thought-out. I dunno.) REGARDLESS, I'm gonna make an exception for this, because it's been five years since the last del Toro movie and—aside from a Comic-Con panel and a few magazine pieces—this is the first look at his new one. Let the creepy viral marketing begin!

Pacific Rim comes out next summer, and it's safe to say it'll be the biggest film del Toro's ever made. I'm curious to see how his sensibility translates to a straight-up blockbuster—it's a good bet that it won't feel nearly as personal as del Toro's best work, but I'd also bet that it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks to Nex at Digital Trends for the heads up.

UPDATE: Hey, here's another one.