AAAAAHH! The latest Mercury-approved Hecklevision is tomorrow! It's all about Patrick Swayze... AS A GHOST! And Demi Moore... who wants to bone a ghost! And Whoopi Goldberg... who won an Oscar for playing the lady who can talk to the ghost! Ghost!

YES. Hecklevision: Ghost: Friday, 9:30 pm, the Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy). It'll be a frightfully good time!

I'm gonna give away a pair of tickets today and a pair of tickets tomorrow—tickets are $8 each, so you're welcome. These things are usually packed, so if you don't win this pair or tomorrow's pair, get your tickets in advance here.

To enter to win, email me no later than 5 pm today, and make sure the subject line of your email is "GET OFF!" (At this point I'm just testing how capable my spam filter is, really.) Tomorrow morning I'll pick a winner (at random? because they promise to write me a song? because they're a cuuuute girl? WHO KNOWS!) and I'll email them back to let them know they've won. I think that's it? Yep, that's it. I think*. Okay. Go!

*Hahaha I'm writing this post on NyQuil :D