Egyptian judges, appointed by ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak, remain unamused by the Muslim Brotherhood's constitutional power grab—delaying a decision on whether to review the country's new ruling document.

Willard Romney is stewing over his presidential loss inside his La Jolla compound, muttering over the neighbor's construction project and—best part—despondently having Boston Market cater his family's Thanksgiving meal.

The trial of Bradley Manning has been delayed until March at the earliest, a judge ruled—fallout from his defense attorney's gut-wrenching claims that the former soldier an accused Wikileaker endured months of inhumane and cruel conditions while in custody.

So they're still playing a football game in Kansas City right now even though a Chiefs player reportedly murdered his girlfriend before driving to the team's facilities yesterday and killing himself.

West Point's chapel celebrated its first same-sex marriage yesterday, a milestone just days before the US Supreme Court is set to take up marriage equality.

Hi, congressional Republicans. What's your terrible plan for averting the fiscal cliff? No more sitting back and letting the Obama administration do your dirty work for you.

The Pentagon is going to clone the CIA. Because we need two shadowy and secretive espionage networks to project our "power" throughout the world.

Carbon die-oxide. Get it? No? Hint: It's because we're all gonna die!

Listen up, Charlie Hales.
The next time a corporation looking for a reason to move o Portland, or just a reason not to leave it, think twice before offering a sweetheart deal—for the jobs!—at the expense of taxpayers. History has revealed how often those corporate promises prove to be bunk.

Hummer drivers are still the worst.
Exhibit A: The allegedly drunk man who wrecked his gas hog on the Steel Bridge last night, knocking out downtown service to Yellow and Green line MAX trains for as long as two days.