Hillary Clinton Will Soon Support Gay Marriage


Here's Hillary Clinton's view on gay marriage:

“Is it politically expedient to be in favor of gay marriage?”
Did you mean "here's Obama's view on gay marriage ?"

or, surely more accurately, for both obama and clinton:

"Is it politically expedient for me to FINALLY ADMIT PUBLICLY that I'm in favor of (and always have been, because I'm not an asshole) gay marriage?"
Remember when faux crat Hillary Clinton was on the board of directors for Wal-Mart?

@Human you think Hillary Clinton isn't an asshole? Do me a favor and just guess at how many dead children are in the pile she personally sits on top of.

Hillary Clinton is a rat bastard asshole of a person, and if you don't believe me, just look at her views on foreign policy, especially comments related to the death of American citizen al-Awlaki, and his Denver-born 16 year old son – or look at how she thinks it OK to slaughter 12 year old children collecting firewood in Afghanistan, or how she supports the bombing of people in Pakistan who we don’t even know the name of. The woman is a crazy lunatic.

I also don't think Hillary Clinton gives two shits about gay people or gay marriage, she's only interested in her own political career. Hence, she'll ignore Obama's position if needed and stay mute, or openly embrace it. Clinton is just looking out for herself, not gay people.
@ fidelity:

i stand corrected. i should've thrown in a "relatively speaking" in there somewhere.

i do believe, though, that she does give more than two shits about gay people. how loud or quiet she is going to be about it, i agree with you, depends on how politically expedient each option seems to be, like i said.

as far as your question about how many dead children are in the pile upon which she sits? -- i'm not sure. what is their average age? either way, i'm guessing the pile is about 7 or 8 feet tall, assuming the pile wasn't constructed in haste and all willy-nilly-like.