The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club: The Mid-Season Finale!


T-Dogg is dead and Blondie McGunnerson is still alive and ruining everything. All is not fair in the world.
Dangit. These are all good points. ME LOVE SHOW - WRITERS NOT HACKS
I do admire the show's new approach of packing so much dumb shit into certain episodes that it distracts from the overall crapiness. KU-DOS. They've truly made the best of it this season. Karl's acting has improved, and I don't want him dead anymore. Michonne's acting range varies from surly to surlier. I had hope for her character but I'm growing weary. She can die. Why is Andrea alive still? Please kill her 2 seasons ago. Tween zombie girls are the WORST so glad she's gone. T-Dogg 2.0 gets shot yet standard white redneck pederast inmate will probably be around forever. Racist much? The smoke bombs reminded me of the Naked Gun movies when thrown pillows inexplicably incapacitates people. BEST development from the finale that'll draw me back to this show in a few months is Cutty from The Wire! I hear one of the show's new plot lines is him rehabilitating zombies and instilling them with confidence by teaching them boxing!
Yeah, all the fun, dumb stuff is there to enjoy... I just wish they would tweak the characters a bit more. If Maggie had done all the cool shit Glenn did, it would have been a LOT more interesting. Oh, and stop making "killing black people" the go-to choice.
To be fair, I prefer to eat dark meat as well.