The phenomenal, mind-breaking Primer came out in 2004—it's a remarkably smart, remarkably low-budget, and remarkably evocative time-travel flick that delighted some and bewildered others. Okay, bewildered everyone—but some people (*HAND SHOOTS UP*) found that bewilderment pretty delightful.

Writer/director Shane Carruth has been silent since then—other than helping out his pal Rian Johnson with Looper, there's been hardly any word about what he's been up to. Until a few days ago, that is, when it was announced his new film, Upstream Color, would be playing at Sundance.

If I hadn't seen Primer, that trailer would do nothing for me; since I have seen Primer, it makes me incredibly curious about whatever the hell's going on. (So. Kind of like Primer.) Upstream Color is now one of my most looked-forward to movies of 2013. Maybe that'll change the more we find out about it, but right now the idea of anything new from Carruth is enough to get me excited.