You don't need me to tell you yet again that the pressure to shop this month is enough to make your eyeballs burst, however I do insist on inflicting information on you in one regard: Taking on the Sysiphian task of cataloging the very many opportunities to be a consumer, yes, but one who supports your local community of small businesses and producers. For instance! Shop Williams Late is the joint effort of eight businesses on N Williams (Ink & Peat, Lark Press, Lodekka, Myoptic, Queen Bee Creations/Chickpea Baby/Rebecca Pearcy Textiles, SpielWerk Toys, Tinymeat, and Yoga Shala) who are staying open late to pour you cocktails, feed you hors d'Œuvres (it seriously boggles the mind that anyone would go to the mall in lieu of all these over-the-top pleasant, cocktail proffering opportunities), and help you cross off every name on your list (for presents). And they are far from alone. Join us in trying to keep up with the sheer number of these doings over on MOD.

  • Leela Cyd