NOT MY GRANDMA But my grandma also enjoys books and catching murderers.
  • NOT MY GRANDMA But my grandma also enjoys books! And catching murderers!

My wonderful grandmother asked for a "fun" audio book for Christmas, and I do not know what to get her. Right now I'm reading The Casual Vacancy and Both Flesh and Not, neither of which she would enjoy; the last time we both really liked the same book was Life of Pi.

She just finished listening to The Canterbury Tales for a class she was taking, and now she wants something "light" and "more fun." I asked Mercury Arts Editor Alison Hallett for help on this, and she was predictably useless; she could not think of a single book that did not contain drugs and/or banging. (Getting my grandma a book that has a lot of drugs and banging is probably not the best idea. Even though she's the one who recommended Lolita to me and told me how great it was, I think she might've mellowed out a bit when she hit 85.)

SO. BLOGTOWN. IDEAS? I would very much appreciate it if you've been reading something lately (or have given your own grandmother something lately) that is (A) available as an audiobook, and (B) you think my grandma would like. My grandma also thinks Barack Obama is the best person to have ever lived, if that helps, and she is a diehard fan of the Utah Jazz.

I thank you for your assistance in making me look like an awesome grandson.