Major love.
  • Major love.

Meet Paul Harris & James Griener, the first of hundreds of couples to apply for a marriage license today in Clark County, according to Equality SW Washington, the LGBT group helping coordinate the weekend-long license applications and festivities across the river from Portland.

Ironically, Harris is actually been in charge of the county department that writes marriage license. When he and Griener are celebrating their 40th anniversary this week with a 12/12/12 wedding, Harris will finally get to have a marriage license of his own.

"It's hard to make sense of it," said Harris, from his office late last night. The county clerk's office is open longer hours this weekend to process all the same-sex couples expected to apply for licenses. "I think it will hit me when I apply for my license."

Asked whether all those years of helping other couples get married ever made him bitter, Harris said no. "In the beginning, I longed to have my own marriage license. But I never felt bitter because I never thought it would happen."

Congratulations, Paul and James.

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