Roller Derby Recap: Portland vs. Seattle


What's the scoring system? No, don't tell me, I just finished learning the rules of international cricket, that's all I can handle just now.
After the jammer passes the pack for the first time, she starts scoring one point for every opposing team member she passes. Much easier than cricket!
Definitely easier! And no sticky wickets.
I'd like to see them play with a jar full of crickets dumped on the track.
Think about it. What would you do if you are trying to win a match? Would you try and jump the crickets in order to keep them from jamming up your wheels or would you just go ahead and squish them in hopes that you wouldn't wipe out? It would really raise the stakes and ad a whole, new dimension to the sport. The audience would be further incensed. Some of them would be complaining of animal cruelty, while other would be rooting for skaters to bite the track. This could be just the thing to increase ticket sales.