About a month ago we called your attention to the Hollywood Theatre's launch of a Kickstarter campaign (something we do very sparingly) to replace its marquee, which is leaking, causing other damage to the building, and just generally falling apart. The proposed replacement is based on the original, which opened with the theater in 1926—an occasion so momentous they named the surrounding neighborhood after it.

You may have also noticed that it's suddenly in the shadow of a five-story building that's practically being built on top of it, so the new marquee will help the landmark maintain its visibility. It's worth keeping buildings like this in repair because people simply don't make 'em like they used to, with sumptuous detailing like the Hollywood's (gorgeous, dramatic) having been replaced by a bunch of clean, straight lines (boring, less expensive). But in addition to its significance in local history and architecture, the theater has made great strides in the last decade or so to remain a cultural destination by virtue of the programming itself. They've gone the extra mile to create innovative programs, from the Grindhouse Festival to Filmusik, B Movie Bingo, and Hecklevision (sometimes in collaboration with the Mercury).

The campaign's got 11 days to go and they're less than $10,000 from their $55,000 goal (money needed outside grants and donations already secured—marquees ain't cheap, apparently), so if this is the first you've heard of it, consider making some of the Hollywood's old ghosts feel like good times are here again.

An embed of the Kickstarter video is after the cut.