Okay, I'm done trying to sell you guys! You know how great the Children's Healing Art Project is, and you know how great the art is in the Mercury Cover Art Charity Auction. Now's the time to swoop in and get that piece of art you've been drooling over! DON'T LET SOMEONE STEAL THE ART YOU PERCEIVE IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS. Bid, bid, bid and bid BIG, because it's all for a wonderful cause.

Of course, you're gonna want this one!

  • Artist: Nikki McClure

This piece by the beloved Nikki McClure was one of my fave covers of the year—so visually striking. So just imagine how great this will look on your wall! Now imagine all the holiday smooches you'll get if you give it to a lover as a gift!

BUT THIS IS IT, GUYS! YOU ONLY HAVE 30 MINUTES. Then it's all over, and they're all gone. Hurry up and bid in the Mercury Cover Art Charity Auction—and make this the best holiday ever for you... and some very deserving kids! GOOD LUCK!!