It has been confirmed, Nelson Mandela is in the hospital for being very old. The 94 year old anti-apartheid former South African president has been admitted to a military hospital for routine tests, "which is consistent for his age.”

Egyptian military officials are backing President Mohammed Morsi's blatant power grab and attempt to use Sharia as the foundation of the new constitution. Continued, widespread protests remain over his declaration that he is not beholden to judicial review.

Almost 600 people are dead and many more still missing from a typhoon in the Philippines that has altered course and is returning to land, threatening even more destruction.

Silvio Berlusconi is running for another term as Italy's prime minister, despite scandal and being convicted of tax fraud, after being, "assailed by requests" to please never return to politics. Critics claim he's only running to avoid trial and to help his private companies.

Washington's legalized marijuana is great, for them, but don't try driving or biking home to Oregon or Idaho while high, you'll most likely get a DUII.

Science has discovered that mushrooms are more entertaining than cigarettes and alcohol, and they cure anxiety from cancer.

Foxconn to expand operations in US since people are not too keen on buying products made cheaply as a result of gross human rights violations, or rather because they can't exploit workers in China as efficiently as before.

Employment rose in November putting a damper on predictions that hurricane Sandy would cause a kerfuffle in the labor market. Unemployment fell to 7.7 percent although analysts suggest that this is a result of people giving up looking for work.

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