Yikes Almighty! There are only THREE HOURS LEFT to bid and win in the Mercury Cover Art Charity Auction! Do you want to help the Children's Healing Art Project help sick kids who can desperately benefit from art supplies and instruction? Then QUICK! BID, BID, BID!!!

Here's another steal!

You saw artist Souther Salazar's work on our cover just last week—and you can see why we chose it. It's fun, a touch melancholy, and just a great piece of art that will look fantastic in your domicile (or that of a loved one). Give your pal/lover/relative the gift of art this year! You can pick it up as early as next week—that's plenty of time for the holidays.

BUT DUDE. You gotta hurry! The Mercury Cover Art Charity Auction ENDS IN A MERE THREE HOURS. Bid your ass off!