Right 2 Dream Too Files Suit Against City—Protest (Almost) Draws Riot Cops


Thanks for this informative article that provides the details we all need to learn about in order to really address the issues of houselessness and poverty during an economic crisis caused by Wall Street malfeasance and governmental corruption.
I know exactly who that security guard is. She has a tendency to over react and to give people a hard time for what she fears they're going to do because of the way they look.

The state law says these transitional housing accommodations can only be on two parcels within a municipality, not two sites. Wright has two parcels that Right 2 Dream is currently sitting on. Dignity Village appears to be on one very large parcel near the Airport.

"Campgrounds established for providing transitional housing accommodations shall not be allowed on more than two parcels in a municipality."

ORS Link:
(446.265 Transitional housing accommodations...)

Parcels Link:



I assume Right 2 Dream Too knows that their current site would be in violation of Oregon law on transitional housing, and this is just a point to get a campsite built somewhere else within the city on a larger parcel.

Any thoughts or did I misinterpret what a parcel technically is and/or the fine, detailed points of the lawsuit?

@ws: Thanks. It's a good question to ask, and after eading the whole passage, I'm also not sure if it's not saying that *each camp* can't be larger than two parcels, with no actual limit on the overall number of camps. I'll dig for answers.
please don't get to involved in figuring out about the amount and size of parcels, the big picture here is HUMAN RIGHTS, where do people go when there is not enough room to stay at shelters. help us with this epidemic! We help at most 90 houseless people a night from sleeping on the streets and we still have to turn people away. so again I iterate don't get side tracked