This is the first real look anyone's gotten at the upcoming attempt to make the first good (ish) Superman movie since 1981. It definitely does not look like a Zack Snyder movie, nor does it seem to move like a Zack Snyder movie. But then again, this is a trailer, and Zack Snyder's movies, even when they are atrocious, (like, say, Sucker Punch or That Fucking Owl Movie have pretty great trailers.

And good lord, look at that CAPE. So much flowing. So much fluttering. It waves, it sweeps, it FLOWS. The cape hasn't had this much action since Teri Hatcher wrapped herself in it for a TV Guide cover.

Also, if the next poster they put out consists of nothing but Henry Cavill, shirtless and bearded, with his torso on fire? Instant 45% increase in first week box-office receipts.