I've never been so charmed by a sports bar.

I'm not a football fan. I like basketball okay, and baseball can be entertaining for 10 minutes at a time, but I'm in the habit of actively avoiding the combination of sports and drunk dudes except on special occasions. And I'm generally too lazy and not interested enough to follow soccer, but I thoroughly enjoyed being in the same bar as many who do at Radar's opening night yesterday. Maybe the average soccer fan has better taste in cocktails or prefers tapas over 7-layer dip, as Radar has blended the concepts of a futbal bar with a neighborhood eatery to beautiful effect (even if so far, the emphasis seems to be on the latter). A long bar conducive to viewing their staple sport on mounted screens offers wine, beer, and a stellar selection of cocktails, if light on the brown drinks for my personal taste. Service was friendly and surprisingly un-frazzled for an opening night. The food, a selection of small spanish-inspired plates priced $4-9, has a little more room to improve—little tweaks that I'd imagine will be made over the next month, and that I won't harp on after a first night. I also expect that people watching a game will want something to snack on over more than a few nibbles regardless of how classy the joint.

Mississippi previously lacked a bar with this particular casual and playful vibe. Through fewer kinks than would be forgivable on a normal opening night, Radar is promising and a welcome addition to the neighborhood. They're open 4-10 presumably Tuesday through Sunday (expect their website to follow their opening with hours and a match schedule).

Radars opening night.

Radar is located at 3951 N Mississippi.