Web series American Hipster is profiling "hipsters" in 10 American cities including—surprise!—Portland. At first, this sounded as pleasant as a visit to OMSI's much-hyped vomit center, but it turns out the show so far has focused eight-minute segments interviewing genuinely talented Portland artists about their craft.

If being called a "hipster" is what is takes to get recognition for your hard work and exceptional skill at a craft well, okay, then.

Check out this episode about Portland printers KeeganMeegan. They design, carve, and print lino-cut band posters and make letterpressed cards, among other skills. It's annoying that if someone's a talented artist in a particular list of fields—like printing—they're a "hipster" but there would be no snark about their craft if they excelled in some other arbitrary list of arts, like ballet. But anyway, it's nice that this show takes them seriously.

Also worthwhile is this episode about freak bike builders (and Bike Snob's riff on it).