PACIFIC RIM Now THATS what I call a traffic jam! HA!
  • PACIFIC RIM Now THAT'S what I call a traffic jam! HA!

Remember when Guillermo del Toro was supposed to direct The Hobbit? And then he didn't, and Peter Jackson did, and del Toro was like, oh, okay, fine, fuck it, I'm going to go make something called Pacific Rim that nobody knows anything about? And then—right before The Hobbit came out—the trailer for Pacific Rim dropped? And you were all, "Holy shit, Guillermo del Toro! That looks fucking awesome! Monsters! Robots! Idris Elba canceling the apocalypse! This is weird to say, but I'm kind of glad The Hobbit didn't work out! This is looks great!"

You don't remember that last part yet because you haven't shouted it yet. But you might.

This looks like a huge amount of fun. Huge, loud, pulpy, and seeming like it's got both a sense of humor and a commitment to being as blockbustery as possible. I'm predicting this thing will be massively, ridiculously huge. The things del Toro's playing around with here don't look to be anything new—this looks like a mash-up of every Godzilla movie ever, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Independence Day, and Gojira knows what else—but del Toro's a genius, and what I can't wait to see is how he's going to mash that stuff up. It's been entirely too long since there was a new del Toro movie, and there's never been a del Toro movie that was a full-throttle, crowd-pleasing blockbuster. I am curious and excited.

P.S. Am I crazy, or did I hear the dulcet tones of GLaDOS?

P.P.S. UPDATE: I am not crazy.