A legitimate I, Anonymous submission, or an exceedingly cunning stealth ad from Cricket? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

I still love you, yes. But, when I grab my phone to check my messages, it's fucking Cricket AGAIN with another offer of saving money, upgrading my phone or whatever. Every morning, I fall for it, perhaps because I'm still half asleep, or maybe it's because I want to think it's you. You used to text every morning to ask me how I slept and to say that you missed me...now I wake up all alone. I don't want to save $13.50 a month if I change plans, I don't want to get a newer 4G phone and I don't want a family plan to save even more money, I just want you back.

If this is a real person, :( but if it was submitted by Cricket, my hat goes off to you, sirs. And you'll be receiving a Mercury sales invoice for $500. Hey, are you an actual person with actual rants or confessions? Submit it to the I, Anonymous Blog where we never charge you a service fee for changing plans.