SantaCon (in which people dress up as Santa and roam from bar to bar getting shit-pantsed drunk) is a raucous, inebriated celebration in many cities—especially Portland (continuing this Saturday, Dec 15 as well as Dec 22). HOWEVER! The backlash has begun, at least in NYC, where Gothamist is waging a war against this vomity holiday tradition. From Laughing Squid:

This year, Gothamist has issued a SantaCon warning stating that “New York City will once again be under siege by drunken frat boys on a mission to fulfill their favorite Christmas-themed date rape fantasies” (a reference to the large amount of SantaCon-related sexual harassment claims). They urge people to either stay indoors or leave town. To help local establishments combat trouble from intoxicated Santas, Eater NY has created three different “No Drunk Santas” signs, which can be downloaded at their site.

Here's one of the signs:

  • Courtesy Eater NY

Are these Scroogey prudes just being a bunch of Scroogey prudes? I know I just did a "Condemn or Allow?" poll yesterday, but the world needs to know whether Portland condemns or allows this anti-drunk Santa hysteria.