Erik Writes a Piece for Wired; Commenters Refuse to Acknowledge They are Dumb


In other words, Erik's opinions are around 6-15% donkey plop? That's about the same percentage that's found in the typical hot dog, and what's more American than a hot dog?
God, Mirk's Twitter feed just planted that thought in my mind, didn't it? I don't even have free will anymore.
People who use the word "one" instead of, oh I don't know, NOT AN ASSHOLE WORD, should be banned from writing anything ever.

Unless they are me because I get to do what I want.
And Erik was so whiny he needed a blogtown pick-me-up instead of facing an actual public?
Quite the eloquent and mature defense. You are about the last person to lecture about the motivations of the media. At least you aren't crying about Portlandia or crowing about how important your opinions or those of your publications allegedly are. Quite funny, really
"at least don't take on an "attitude" while doing it". Oh the irony given your publications nature. Also, since when were you a "pro", seriously?