Well here is a delightful treat for your Friday morning: Mercury columnist/funnyman-about-town Ian Karmel is on this week's installment of Pete Holmes' fun podcast You Made It Weird.

Karmel featured for Holmes at Helium last weekend; across the board, it was probably the best comedy show I've seen since Maria Bamford was last in town. On the night I went, a mortgage company had their office party at the club, which meant there were more drunk non-comedy fans in the crowd than usual for Helium on a Friday. But it worked out great, because we got to see each comedian handle the dumb drunks in the crowd in their own special ways, and Pete Holmes did some of the most ruthlessly hilarious heckler-handling I've ever seen. Have you ever seen comedian be incredibly mean to a chatty audience member without that audience member even noticing? It's wonderful. As a non-drunk comedy fan, it was a delight to witness, and Holmes' freewheeling delivery totally blew me away.

I haven't made it through the whole podcast yet, but so far there's a lot of cackling, a pretty solid Ira Glass impression, a thorough rundown of Portland stereotypes, and Ian Karmel threatening to "whip a big funny dick out." Oooh, and now they're talking about how they handle hecklers. Fun stuff.

Give it a listen!