• courtesy of Red River Records

Seattle Weekly has a lengthy and fascinating piece about singer/songwriter (and very capable Twitter personality*) Kasey Anderson, who for many years was Portland based, although recently he's primarily operated out of Seattle. Anderson has been involved in a $250,000 federal lawsuit involving the funds he raised for a purported benefit album that never materialized. Meant to benefit the West Memphis Three—who were released from prison last year—the record was supposedly going to include contributions from Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, R.E.M., and Willie Nelson. This is the tip of the iceberg of Anderson's dishonesty, and SW writer Keegan Hamilton also points out the musician's shitty behavior could, at least in part, be due to his bipolar disorder.

I've heard talk of Anderson's troubles flying around town for a couple months now, and while the lawsuit was filed over a year ago, the past few weeks have seen all kinds of rumors circulate, as things came to a head for Anderson in October, when he announced a kind of retirement from music. SW has done a good job of articulating much of Anderson's story without pulling punches. Still, the lawsuit's plaintiffs have chosen not to comment yet, which means we may still hear more about this. It's worth reading—fascinating and sad.

* Anderson's Twitter page, along with most of his web presence, has been taken down.