White House Says "Today Is Not The Day" to Debate Gun Control


If today is not the day, then the White House is home to spineless cowards.
Kansas City, Clackamas, Sandy Hook...it's been a banner week for the gun nuts.
"The radical right is already having this debate today"? People on all sides are already having the debate today, regardless of what the White House says, and from everything I've read, they're just repeating the same opinions they do every time something like this happens. How about turning to hard facts, and stats on how often law-abiding gun ownership actually puts a stop to mass shootings like this vs. how often the gun is used in a way the owner did not intend. Like, for example, the person here who owned an AR-15 and didn't have it securely locked up, so that a 22-year-old who otherwise may not have had access to a semi-automatic rifle can steal it and go on a spree at the mall, shooting off 60 rounds.
It seems like people say 'today isn't the day' and then everyone goes back to their lives until it happens again, and then that day is not the day. When is "the day" exactly? When will it be appropriate for me to have questions and concerns? The facts remain:


"The United States far surpasses other countries in terms of gun related violence and death. The numbers above tend to indicate that fewer gun-related homicides is a direct result of stricter gun control laws."
Well put Geyser. @lady, I agree entirely with your point, but apparently this study left out several African countries and parts of Asia. I doubt the US surpasses Liberia in this regard...then again there are NO gun control laws there.
The last thing I want to see is teachers strapping....come on, seriously. Better registration and gun safety would be just a start to help the situation. No minors should posses guns either