Yesterday's shooting in Connecticut was investigated, its victims honored.

Unfortunately the tragedy on the east coast was not the only terrible event on Friday. An elderly woman and 22 children were stabbed outside a primary school in the Henan province of China, but the victims survived.

More arrests in Russia amid on-going protests against Putin's rule. Fines for participating in and organizing demonstrations against the Kremlin are now more than the average annual salary of a Russian, 150 times what they were.

The Egyptian constitutional vote gets extended four hours. Critics claim vast reduction in rights for minorities, women, and children and "overly favours Islamists".

Mass poisoning of Myanmar farmers after land seized for copper mining. Villagers are forcibly relocated and under-compensated for the loss of their land. The government refuses to acknowledge health issues, citing the "world-standard management practices."

Two-inch long, black feather removed from neck of baby girl in Kansas. Doctors believe the girl swallowed and absorbed the feather and then passed the feather through her cheek, in attempts to become worlds youngest magician.

A 300-pound pot-bellied pig was found in the back of a stolen car. Its owner believes thieves totaled car since, "Penelope is a little weirded out right now." The pig's unscathed.

A Swedish artist paints a self-portrait so realistic that transportation authorities were fooled into accepting the image for new driver's license photograph.