Maybe Along With That National Conversation About Gun Control We Should Have Some National Conversations About Masculinity, Insecurity, Overcompensation, Dick Size...


Nope, not the gun he used. Sorry Dan "let's attack Iraq" Savage.
@Spindles. Wow. I had no idea.…


I'm done reading that guy. What a bunch of horseshit dumbfuck'n stupidness this man is. All respect is gone.

You know what's super ironic about this whole thing, if the Bushmaster caption simply read "One way to end the oppression of gays" - perhaps a Pink Pistols slogan, Savage would be totally be down. Conversely, if the Bushmaster advertisement featured a black man holding the rifle with the slogan “One way to end the oppression” that Savage would find the ad tasteless. What a myopic shithead. At least I now know why Savage supported Obama so much: Savage will adapt to totalitarian policies and authority as long as his rights are respected, and damn everyone else. White male problems.

-Spindles, I feel like I owe you a beer. Shit.
Savage uses real tragedies to score points in his silly culture war. He won that war a long time ago but no one told him. There are serious, in-depth issues we need to discuss beyond mere gun control. We have lots of gun laws on the books. Murder is illegal. People still shoot other people, kids even, with guns. Because our society in general doesn't value life. We don't care about each other. Kids raise themselves. Etc etc etc. Maybe instead of reading Dan Savage we should google around for a blog called "Anarchist Soccer Mom" and read about her real-life struggles with her child's mental illness, and the utter lack of resources available to her aside from throwing him in prison forever.
Well, here's some laws that AREN'T on the books, but should be:

- Restrict the sale of high-capacity magazines so that a shooter can’t kill as many people without reloading.

- Limit gun purchases to one a month, to curb gun traffickers.

- Impose a universal background check for gun buyers, even with private sales.

- Make serial numbers more difficult to erase, and require that new handguns imprint a microstamp on each shell so that it can be traced back to a particular gun.

- Require a 28-day waiting period to buy a handgun, and make gun buyers provide the support of two people vouching for them.

@ azure:

what country do you think you're living in? that all sounds far too logical and intelligent to be implemented here. that sounds like THE RAPE OF MY RIGHTS!!!
Who the fuck came up with that dumbshit "People commit crimes in spite of laws against them, therefore laws don't work and we should stop writing them" argument? It's as idiotic as any I've heard.

Laws do work, far less people commit murder when there are laws against murder. Take the guns off the streets, make them harder to get, and gun violence will drop. Compare the US to every civilized country, we have about 100x the amount of gun violence and deaths as any of those places where you can't get guns. And you know who doesn't care about murder laws? Crazy people and people who plan to commit suicide. Each one of those recent publicized attacks in the last year or two has been by one or the other. Prevent them from getting guns and this won't happen. But arm every child in every school? That's insane.
Also, 75% of the country supported the attack on Iraq at the time, not just Savage. He later recanted.
@azure all of your points make great sense( well maybe not the last one), but how exactly would you enforce the last one? What sort of support are you suggesting? I do agree with the overview you provided though