I am worried by the news that Backspace might close. Portland needs more all-ages venues, not fewer, and I've long thought that the booking at Backspace and the Someday Lounge (brothers Eric & Kris Robison founded 'em both) is an incredibly vital part of Portland's arts community.

From an arts (non-music) standpoint, here are just a few of the recent and ongoing events that Backspace hosts:

• The super-popular Portland Poetry Slam, which claims to be the largest poetry slam on the West Coast
• The recent release party for Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension, the newest title from Portland's most exciting new publisher, Perfect Day Publishing
• All-ages comedy shows, including open mics—most of Portland's comedy shows take place in bars or at Helium, which is 21+
• Monthly art shows
• An all-ages "open stage" (open mic w/music, performance art, comedy, etc)

And this isn't even to mention the music and gaming aspects of the space—the fact that they housed the all-ages portion of the recent Portland Queer Music festival, for example, or that they snagged Hank Green of VlogBrothers fame to play a recent Harry and the Potters show.

Backspace's Indiegogo fund is here. Buy your future self a cup of coffee.