WHAT?!?!?! Yet another monthly comedy showcase in Portland? Get out!

Well, Comedy Stand Down at Mississippi Pizza isn't new so much as it left for a while and now it's back. And even though this town has more comedy showcases than it does stray cats, there are some pretty funny people performing at a lot of them.

At Comedy Stand Down tonight, familiar faces Gabe Dinger and Randy Mendez are the big names, and they're sure to have solid, reliably funny sets. I'm honestly a little troubled at the fact that I laugh at Gabe's "bag full of nightmares" joke every time I hear him tell it. Which is a lot. And I laugh. Loudly. Every. Single. Time.

Also on the bill at Mississippi Pizza are Alex Gavlick and Sarah Murrell, among others. Gavlick, Portland's favorite underage performer, has been away at college in Chicago. But it looks like he's back for Winter break to do some laundry and tell some jokes. If you haven't seen him, check him out tonight, or at any of the other dozens of places he'll probably be performing in the next few weeks. I haven't seen Sarah Murrell perform, but I've seen her Twitter feed and Tumblr, and she's got some funny stuff. I look forward to seeing what she brings to the stage.

If you're less into pizza and more into a full menu and fabulous cocktails, Comedy at Crush is also tonight. Hosted by the delightful Belinda Carroll, tonight's show has a loosely holiday theme (Focus on the Dysfunctional Family), and also features the very funny (if slightly exhausted by the end of the night) Randy Mendez.

This town is sick with comedy, people. Go check it out.