Two things! '80s and '90s TV darling Alyssa Milano turns a gorgeous 40 years old today, and YOU ARE OLD. (That last one was just a reminder, if you needed one.) You obviously remember Alyssa from her breakout role in 1984's Who's the Boss? starring Tony Danza, as well as her star turn on Melrose Place, AND as one of the witchy sisters in the 1998 series Charmed. OH! And she also played Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter in Commando! Squeeeeeee!!!!

BUT! Did you know Alyssa Milano was a singer/aerobics workout leader as well? Here's the unbelievably awkward theme from her 1988 workout video, "Teen Steam"! (Somebody call child protective services.)

"Steam, teen, steam! Gotta let it OUT!"