So that whole end of the world thing was pretty underwhelming.

But you know what ISN'T underwhelming? Three kickass comedians who just spent almost two months on the road on The Biggest Tour Ever Ever, and are back now to tell us all about it.

Right after getting back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Kristine Levine teamed up with Andrew Ouellette and Morgan Preston to tour all 50 U.S. states in 50 days, doing a show in each state on each day.

Celebrate the fact that YOU survived Armageddon and these assholes survived the Bible Belt by coming out for tonight's show at the Star Theater. Hear all about performing during Hurricane Sandy in Maryland, getting through an earthquake in Virginia, and fighting with bookers and thieves (that's bookers with a B, even though there probably were some fights with hookers, too) in New Mexico, and Morgan losing a tooth on a microphone.

Comedian Belinda Carroll is hosting, the our three heroes will be talking, and they're apparently even going "multimedia." Check it out and get tickets here.