Jeff Walls recently moved to Portland from Chicago, bringing his Campfires moniker in tow, which has left behind a long breadcrumb trail of jangly, poppy recordings that have been given the blanket term "lo-fi" but are more accurately described as homegrown. There's a heavy Kinks quality to Campfires' work—a very good thing—and while these are loud, brash guitar numbers, the emphasis is on songwriting as opposed to noise.

A new Campfires record is due out on February 19 on the Fire Talk label—Tomorrow, Tomorrow will be the first full-length vinyl that Campfires have put out, and we've got a preview track for you here. "Fortune Teller" is a polished, precise gem, sounding like a lost A-side from Q65 or the Dovers. Walls has been playing live shows with members of Hausu rounding out the new incarnation of Campfires, and we'll let you know if and when a release show for Tomorrow, Tomorrow hits the calendar.


Campfires - "Fortune Teller" [DOWNLOAD MP3]