Here is your handy guide to TrIMet holiday schedule changes during the next week.

Christmas Eve – Monday, Dec. 24
All trains and buses are on regular weekday schedules.

Christmas Day – Tuesday, Dec. 25
All buses and MAX trains operate on Sunday schedules. Watch out, because not all bus lines run on Sundays. WES will not be operating.

New Year’s Eve – Monday, Dec. 31
All buses, MAX trains and WES will be operating on regular weekday schedules. AFTER 8PM, TRIMET IS FREE!

Additionally, MAX Blue, Green and Yellow line trains will run until 3 am with service approximately every 35 minutes. MAX Red Line will not run late. However, after train service ends, shuttle buses will be available to take riders between Gateway Transit Center and PDX Airport, until about 3:30 am.

New Year’s Day – Tuesday, Jan. 1
All buses and MAX trains will run on Sunday schedules. WES will not be operating.