From what I understand, the Scottish are a jolly people... UNTIL YOU FUCK WITH THEIR PUCKS.

Real rad stuff stealing those two red shuffleboard pucks from the Sandy Hut - High Class Badass you are - Ooooooh.... The pride and respect you now command from The dickwit community as they nod their repectful dues at how you've 'fucked shit up' for Shuffleboarders on Xmas day and every day thereafter.

Have you seen the Sandy Hut's pucks? Did you steal them? Read the rest of this Scot's submission to understand how you've ruined his life forever. And if you're innocent... you're not, are you? That's why YOU should drop off your own rant or confession to the I, Anonymous Blog—where "Och aye laddeh, yer bum's oot the windae!"