I recently asked a number of Portland music people—musicians, bookers, writers, more—for their top five albums of the year, and when I did so, I also asked for their favorite "song, show, or musical moment" of 2012. Plenty of the good folks indulged me and responded, some with their favorite song, many with their favorite show, some with all three.

We put as many responses as we could fit in this week's issue, but as with the Top Five lists, there were far too many to fit into the printed bounds of the paper. So over the next few days on End Hits, and as the year drips to its inevitable close, I'm posting the rest of these great responses I received, summing up the year in music with a huge array of different memories, and hopefully providing something like a 2012 yearbook by way of a catalog of all these experiences.

The first batch is up on End Hits right now!