The album cover for III.
  • The album cover for III.

This morning saw a lovely new song from Eat Skull premiere on Pitchfork, and if you think I am crazy in describing a song from Eat Skull as "lovely," well, the new "Space Academy" kind of is. Granted, it's choppy, chunky, sloppy, and screwy, but it's also also wide-eyed, hopeful, even a little bit soaring—it possesses qualities that aren't easily found in the Portland band's claustrophobic, drunk-sick back catalog.

"Space Academy" bounces on a buried acoustic strum with sustained major chords and thumping, gamboling tom toms, steadily building to something majestic. While I haven't buckled down to make out all the words, I daresay this is a much more optimistic song that we're used to hearing from Eat Skull's devolved blues-punk or lo-fi synth-noise incarnations. It's a terrific track.

The new Eat Skull album, III—surely named after the Chicago and Led Zeppelin albums of the same name—comes out on Woodsist on February 19, and Eat Skull play a release show at Mississippi Studios on February 22.