Guns Don't Kill People, Signs Encouraging People to Use Guns to Kill People Kill People




There are FISH in this barrel!

What should we do with them?
There are a frightening number of people who think an uprising is about to break out in the wake of a mass outlawing of guns. I also notice the Merc is taking in ad revenue from some people like this via an ad I just saw from the National Association for Gun Rights that screams: "Obama says, 'Ban Guns!'"
Anyway, I thought I might like the person who called for an armed slave revolt, but then I saw what comments preceded the sentence about "Lincolin":
"If they are ordered to confiscate and they don’t quit immediately then we know which side they are on. Once war is declared then war rules are in force. Personally, I can’t wait. That will be the beginning of our march back to freedom. I really hope we can bait them into overreaching. One mistake and we’ll have their heads on pikes."
@geyser - you're completely correct, the pinnacle of right wing paranoia is the ever constant fear of civil war. Just a decade ago it was the Terrorists/Muslims, then before that it was the Blacks/Race War, and now it's the Liberals, for a while it was the communists. There’s always someone to justify their pervasive fear.

In either case, do you really want these people to be the only ones who are armed?

I recall when Occupy was starting up in Portland, right after the group took the park downtown they closed off Main street and kids erected barricades. Many in the city were pissed, but for days the city’s leaders sat paralyzed. At one point a guy from Southern Oregon drove his truck all the way up to Portland and rammed his truck into the barricade to make a point. That was the spark: the next day (or the night after) the police went in to take the barricades down. What’s the lesson here? It’s that some crazy ass fucker from Southern Oregon might just get inspired to bring a lot of harm to people simply because he disagrees with their political ideas (even if those political ideas are unstated and immature). So, it’s no joke. I’ve had very serious people give me death threats just for passing out antiwar literature.

Though, have faith in the lazy passiveness of Americans. These morons let the TSA see their daughter’s vagina. If that didn’t inflame them to revolt, what will? I bet nothing. Just like boiling frogs.

It’s too bad though, just ask Thomas Jefferson, sometimes bloodshed is a good thing.
No, I certainly would not want that. People like this are not the only ones armed, nor will they ever be, so I don't see how it's even a pertinent question.
It's not just the "we need guns to rebel against the government" idiots that scare me, though they probably scare me the most. It's the vigilantes that scare me - the idiots that think they're suddenly invincible because they own guns, and that think the ONLY solution to gun violence is more guns and more violence.

The kind of idiots that lose their handguns in movie theatres. The kind of idiots that become empowered enough to follow a teenager around because he's black and "suspicious".

@fidelity Actually, now it's "all of the above". Anyone that disagrees with one of the nutty Republicans is a Gay Poor Black Muslim Communist Liberal DemoRAT. The persecution complex has gone off the deep end.
@Aestro - have you ever met an actual firearm owner?

I ask because the ideas you are promoting are both distorted and derogatory. No one besides the US Army thinks that the answer to violence is more violence; you are promoting a straw man toxic stigma by writing this. And truly, no one who has ever fired a gun suddenly felt invincible because of it, if anything it’s a reminder of our own fragility and mortality.

To me, the most despicable scum in our society is the one that argues for less freedom for others because of their own personal ignorance.

@geyser, It really wasn’t pertinent, it was meant to be rhetorical. Cheers.
@fidelity Really? So my friends that clog up my facebook page by regurgitating Wayne LaPierre's statement of "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.", they're not suggesting that violence is the only way to prevent violence? When they start ranting about how if they'd been there with a CCW, they could've prevented Aurora, they're not developing some weird superhero mindset?

I didn't say that all gun owners have that mentality. I said the wannabe-vigilantes scare me. I didn't use strawmen, I used actual examples of legal gun owners acting irresponsibly - George Zimmerman and Gary Quackenbush, both of which I am sure you are familiar with. And that's what I'm talking about - the empowerment of having a gun that allows a man to harass others in his neighborhood because he thinks they're "suspicious". The man that keeps a loaded handgun with the safety off so that he can draw at a moment's notice, but can't even keep it in his pants during the god damn Hobbit.

Hell, we're responding to a video of a jackass selling "guns welcome on these premises" signs while wearing a "COME AT ME BRO" t-shirt. If that guy's inability to get hard without fantasizing about shooting a minority doesn't demonstrate bring about concern, I don't know what does.