In news that will quite possibly make our resident Twin Peaks fanatic (Courtney Ferguson) break the office windows with her high-pitched squeals of glee, there are rumors afoot that creators David Lynch and Mark Frost are bringing back their much-beloved 1990 brainchild. From Blastr:

Frost told SciFi Now (via Moviehole) in a recent interview that a revival of the show was "something we talk about from time to time," adding that there's a "rich trove to draw from" should they go ahead with it.

But the more substantial chatter is coming as a result of recent reports that Lynch has been taking meetings with NBC, possibly about creating a third season of Twin Peaks for that network.

A THIRD SEASON??? Does that mean that someone will finally rescue Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) from his imprisonment in the alternate dimension known as the Black Lodge (AKA Portlandia)? Further rumors speculate that while the series may pick up almost exactly where it left off, the third season may take place 25 years in the future with all dangling story lines tied up in a nice bow. So the question is...