As Steve just pointed out, Portlandia Season 3 debuts tonight, featuring Chloe Sevigny (who can't be accused of slumming after American Horror Story, because that was slumming) and assorted MTV veejay ghosts of of yesteryear (apparently one of the plot threads this season is Fred and Carrie's attempt to take back MTV).

While the show offends some Portlanders, whose offense offends other natives who do like it, which is super offensive to the ones who don't like it, let's not forget the contingent of us who don't have cable (there's probably a skit about us) and are too middling to bother stealing it from the 'nets. We feel a little left out of the slapfight, guys. However, if you can't watch at home, and/or are motivated by the charming confines of classic Portland dive bars (there's probably a skit about those), the Trap is gallantly offering its services, with Portlandia viewing parties every Friday from tonight until the thing is done (March 8).

There are also hints that this may involve hanging out with "actors, artists, crew, and producers of the show," but either way the Trap is an OG holdout/comforting womb of Portland-without-the-"ia" from which to watch. Meanwhile, in case you were stranded in a Midwestern airport terminal or something and missed it, here's a clip from the pre-season Portlandia holiday special that aired last month.