Syrian journalist dies from multiple gun shot wounds sustained while en route to pro-government broadcasting station. This March will mark the two year anniversary of the Syrian civil war. Fighting continues in Damascus. 122 people were killed yesterday alone and more than 60,000 people have died since the conflict began.

Four gun shows canceled near Newton, Connecticut, although people aren't deterred from getting what they want. Business at gun shows across the nation is booming. Meanwhile, a Vermont school teacher was arrested after attempting to bring AR-15 assault rifle to school and posting threatening videos online.

Another shooting in Aurora, Colorado resulted in the deaths of four people including the gunman. It isn't clear whether the suspect shot himself or was killed by police.

Catholic and Unionists resumed fighting in northern Ireland, which took a respite for Christmas, after the Belfast City Council voted to reduce the number of days the British flag could fly to 15 days rather than year round. It is estimated that over 30 bombs were thrown resulting in 60 officer injuries.

Icelandic man gagged and bound to chair on flight to New Yorkafter he started hitting people. Turns out he was just drunk, now that is going to be a photo that haunts him.

Gerard Depardieu is renouncing France and embracing Russia in order to take advantage of a 13% personal income tax rate and avoid the potential 75% income tax rate for high income earners in his former home country. Brigitte Bardot is considering making the same move but this time, to save two elephants.

Turns out Oregon is magical! Or at least that's the theory when it comes to why so many people want to move here. Apparently Oregon is the second most desirable moving destination, trailing DC. Personally I think it's Portlandia, or maybe Grimm.

But in all reality it's probably Lily!