Monday Morning Pointless Office Argument of the Day: When Does Brunch Start and End?


Traditionally, brunch should be about 10:30 or 11.

However, brunch has gone from being small meal between a breakfast for early risers and lunch to being "breakfast for people too fucking lazy to wake up in time for breakfast", so I'd say about 2. What time does Pine State Biscuits on Belmont close? That's the end of brunch.
Brunch entails the four hours prior to 12:59pm. Basically 9am-1pm = brunch
Is that the same as "elevensies"? Oh, hell, we're Americans, we'll eat any time, our world is just one big Denny's.
I wasn't being a Tolkien nerd (for once), I was just botching a reference to "elevenses."
It's 12:30 and I haven't had breakfast yet. What meal am I about to eat?? I'm so confused now!!!
The answer is in the name. Neither breakfast nor lunch, but rather the space in between. 76% of you (respondents so far) apparently think lunch starts after 3:00 pm. You're wrong. You may be eating breakfast food, but if you're doing it after about 11:30 am, you're eating it during the lunch meal. In related news, I love me some cereal and toast at night. But shockingly, it's still dinner, not breakfast or brunch.
Lunch is the meal eaten in the middle of the day. Sure, that might mean noon if you woke up at 6, or it can be 3 if you woke up at 9. And if you're eating brunch, you probably woke up after 9.