Thanks for the Billions, Y'all! Bailout recipient AIG is considering suing the government, saying the strings attached to the emergency money were too onerous.

Retroactive Equality: Military members who were kicked out of the forces in the past eight years because of the ban on LGBT folks will get full separation pay.

No, You Shut Up! Chinese newspapers, the government, and brave people are facing off about media censorship after an editorial critical of the government is rewritten against a newspaper staff's wishes.

Justice, Maybe: A high-profile gang rape in India is headed to trial today after massive protests.

Would Syria Use Chemical Weapons? The Syrian government is hinting that it might break out chemical weapons in its civil war. No, no, no!

Grim and Spooky: Hearings continue today in the Aurora, Colorado shooting trial, which paint the shooter as strangely calm.

And Following Up on That: A student in Alabama is suspected of plotting to set off dozens of bombs at his school.

Never Forget? Nancy Pelosi presses Obama to actually follow through on serious gun control. Shooting victim and Congresswoman Gabrielle GIffords is ready to fight change, anyway.

Someone's Making a Movie About This: A lottery winner is poisoned with cyanide before he can collect his winnings.

Glamour Never Ages: Today is David Bowie's birthday!