Today is new comics day. Usually this means the latest overpriced issue of incomprehensible and unending soap-opera bullshit wrapped in cliche, sexism, and underwear is now available for you to complain about at length at But today's new comics day is special, for this is the day that Dark Horse's Star Wars sees its first issue released.

Probably the most anticipated Star Wars comic in quite some time, and probably Dark Horse's swan song before their license goes to Disney/Marvel, Star Wars is being written by Brian Wood, whose previous works include Demo, Local, DMZ, Northlanders, and more. In this writer's (totally not) humble opinion, he, along with Brian K. Vaughan and Jason Aaron, is one of the top three writers currently working in comics. The comic picks up soon after the first movie:

It actually starts days after the end of Hope, with a homeless and rather diminished Rebel fleet searching for a world upon which to establish a new base. The Empire, also wounded from Yavin, is doing whatever they can to keep the Rebels on the defensive. One Imperial officer, a new character called Bircher, seems to have a line on the Rebels’ plans and is making a habit of deploying squadrons of TIEs right where the Rebels drop out of light speed. Leia is tasked with creating a “stealth squadron” to figure out who’s selling them out to the Empire, and why.

That's intriguing enough, but it's Wood's next bit in his blogpost at that really has me excited.

This is a series heavy on space battles and snubfighter dogfights. A series that gets into the emotional states of our post-Tatooine, post-Alderaan, post-Yavin characters who have lost so much yet press on in their fight for freedom. Leia, especially, a very young woman with the burden of responsibility as the figurehead of the Rebellion, finds a lot of catharsis behind the stick of an X-wing.

Emphasis mine, because for the last decade or so, Star Wars has been about boring assholes in bathrobes waving glowsticks at each other, instead of people in spaceships making pew-pew noises with their laser guns, which honestly, was always my favorite part of the series. Less Jedi raves, more dogfights. Not only is Wood planning on giving me just that, he's planning on giving me Princess Leia going all Kara "Starbuck" Thrace on the Empire? SOLD.

Star Wars #1 by Brian Wood, with art by Carlos d'Anda, is available now.