Clean Plate Club: A new study shows that up to half of the world's food is simply thrown away, thanks to customers' demand for cosmetically perfect food and expiration dates (as well as, of course, unappreciative children who want only hot dogs).

Here Are Some Movies Some Old White Dudes Liked: The Oscar nominations are out!

Speaking of White Males: Have you seen Obama's cabinet nominations?

Mohamed Mohamud: The jury selection begins today in the trial of Portland's alleged attempted "Christmas tree bomber."

Protest Crackdown in Vietnam: Journalists and other people speaking out against the government in Vietnam are swiftly imprisoned for "trying to overthrow the government."

North Korea Needs the Internet: Google's chief is trying to convince the dictatorship to open up a little.

Ladybits! Pap smears may be useful for detecting more cancers than we thought.

Everyone is Sick: Flu season is taking us down like flies.

Especially Hugo Chavez: The president of Venezuela is too sick to attend his own inauguration, so just his presidential sash is standing in for him.

You Know Who's Missing from Obama's Inauguration? This anti-gay minister.

Sad Whales: A pod of Orcas are trapped in the ice on the Hudson river Bay, struggling to reach air.

Terror Eyes: Researchers capture footage of the giant squid and its devil eyes in its natural habitat for the first time. AAA!